Can CPU / memory influence restore performance

Can CPU / memory influence restore performance

I want to restore a database and it takes minutes.
I am using a virtual machine with 4 CPUs and 16GB of memory and I want to know if there is any relation between the CPU/Memory to the restore DB process?
For example: if I increase CPUs to 16 and memory to 48GB, should it be faster?


Answer 1:

Can CPU / memory influence restore performance

Restoring involves bringing data pages into memory so yes memory can be a factor but cannot be a show stopper. Things which really can affect backup performance are the drives on which data file and backup resides and the network connectivity. Ofcourse you will see faster restore speed on SSD’s as compared to SATA disks.

Read How SQL Server backup and restore operation works. This will let you know how memory is internally used while backup and restore operation

If you read this BOL document it shows how you can improve performance of SQL Server restore process

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