Can we set the timezone for influxdb.Chronograf?

Can we set the timezone for influxdb.Chronograf?

I’m currently using chronograf to view my point data in influxdb.
At first the queried results in chronograf seem abnormal to me but I have later worked out the issue to be at timezone differences.
So influxdb could only store data in UTC timezone but chronograf is using my local machine’s timezone to display the data.
In influxdb I have a point sitting at 7PM on a particular day but when I tried to look it up in chronograf, it is saying timestamp for the same point is on 5PM.
Is there a way for me to set the default timezone for my chronograf? This is so that it will not try to tamper my data and be showing the original timestamp at UTC?


Solution 1:

Short answer: It is not possible to display data in UTC in Chronograf 1.3 yet.

Chronograf by default offset influxdb‘s UTC data to whatever your local browser’s time is.

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I have raised a github issue to the Chronograf team and hopefully it will support displaying data in UTC soon.



Solution 2:

Install this add-on/extension for Chrome/Chromium

Install this add-on/extension for Firefox